About Us

Every year companies spend millions of pounds on marketing to generate new business enquiries and then fail to maximise their revenue opportunity because they don't record or follow up their enquiries quickly enough.

Le Click has developed the tools to ensure that all leads are managed through robust lead capture with their Total Lead Management System (TLMS). This captures leads in a structured way across multiple channels. Once captured, the leads can then be actioned and followed up to ensure maximum return on marketing enquiries. TLMS is constantly evolving as a result of handling over 1 million leads per year on behalf of our UK/USA customers.

We can help companies manage their leads more effectively by providing a managed or stand alone service. For media owners who want to prove their titles generate response we can provide them with a fully managed service that passes leads to advertisers in a timely and effective manner whilst proving their titles generate response.

As with all Le Click's services, our lead management service comes with powerful online reporting.

Why not ring us on 0844 412 0604 to show you how we can put more rigor and structure behind your lead generation and follow up.

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